Gymnastics Beginners Grades 1 & up

  2019 Summer Guide
  10/16/2019 - 10/30/2019
  6:45 PM - 7:45 PM
  Brainerd High School
  Gymnastics Gym
  Staff Community Education

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No classes NO classes on Oct 4, 12, 17, 18 & 31
NOTE - in order to accommodate as many gymnasts as possible, you may only register for one session.
This entry level class will introduce floor skills such as: tuck, pike, straddle, hollow, madcat, lunge, finish body positions, forward and backward roll, cartwheel to lunge; tuck, split, straddle jumps, toe turns, and vertical handstand to lunge. Vault skills: handstand to hollow position onto port a pit, proper run and hurdle. Low Bar skills include: pull up; pike glide; tuck, pike, straddle shape holds; monkey, tap swings; pull over; and proper technique on side drills. Beam Skills include: front support to straddle mount; walk, kick, straight jumps across high beam; handstand on high beam; cartwheel stick on low beam; and round off dismount off high beam. These skills must be mastered before moving on to the next level and a congratulations slip will be sent home when ready.

Class Guidelines:
To make it a safe and enjoyable gymnastics experience for your gymnast, please follow these program guidelines:
-Gymnastics/dance leotards are mandatory for class
-Hair pulled back in a ponytail
-No jewelry or gum
-Only registered gymnasts during their class time are allowed on any equipment
-Spectators must remain in the bleachers
-Parents must pick up their gymnasts promptly as there is no supervision provided after the activity ends.

Gymnasts will be evaluated each practice on the proper skills that need to be mastered before moving onto the next level. Within each class level, groups are based on skill level. During the session, gymnasts may be moved to a different group depending on skill level improvement. Once a gymnast has been moved to the advanced group and all skills have been mastered, a congratulations and approval to move to the next class level will be sent from coaching staff.

Event Dates
Event Date Time Location
5502F194 - Gymnastics Beginners Grades 1 & upWed  10/16/20196:45 PM-7:45 PMBrainerd High School
5502F194 - Gymnastics Beginners Grades 1 & upWed  10/23/20196:45 PM-7:45 PMBrainerd High School
5502F194 - Gymnastics Beginners Grades 1 & upWed  10/30/20196:45 PM-7:45 PMBrainerd High School